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Your Notary in Melbourne – Nicholas Venizelakos

Nicholas Venizelakos is a Notary in Melbourne that can help you with a wide range of national and international Notarial services. As a Notary in Melbourne, Nicholas Venizelakos is qualified to help you with the preparation, attesting and certification of local and international documents and certificates.


  • Greek Powers of Attorney
  • Preparation of Greek Wills
  • Witnessing signatures to Documents
  • Verification of Documents
  • Authentication of original Documents
  • Certifying copies of Documents
  • Notarial Certificates
  • Apostille and Authentication Services
  • Authentication and Verification of Documents for Overseas use
  • Authentication, Verification and Apostille requirements for Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, Educational Certificates and University Certificates for use overseas.
  • Deeds of Transfer of Real Estate
  • Contracts of sale of Real Estate
  • Parental Gifts in Greece
  • Powers of Attorney, including Preparation of Powers of Attorney and other like Documents
  • Affidavits and Declarations
  • Partition Agreements
  • Company Documents
  • Certificates of due execution of Documents
  • Certificates of good standing for Companies

As you can see from our list of Notarial services, if you need a Notary in Melbourne, Nicholas Venizelakos has the experience and knowledge to provide you with quick and cost effective Notarial Services.

Location for your Notary in Melbourne

We are conveniently located at Level 4/414 Lonsdale Street in the heart of the Melbourne CBD and close to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, so that all of your Notarial Services can be handled quickly and efficiently by our experienced Notary in Melbourne.

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