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Greek Inheritance Tax

As a Greek law firm, we can help you with all of your Greek law needs in regards to taxation on inheritance and your inheritance in Greece.

Why our law firm

  • For many years, Greeks and Australians have engaged our law firm for solutions to their legal matters involving taxation on inheritance and settling inheritance tax matters.
  • Our law firm can help you assess your inheritance tax.
  • As Greek lawyers we have the experience to advise and provide solutions to protect your property, assets and inheritance in Greece.  
  • Our Greek law firm will provide you with up to date advice for all your questions regarding taxation on inheritance and your inheritance in Greece.

Taxation on inheritance and how it affects your inheritance in Greece

  • Greek law recognizes classes of beneficiaries who are exempted from taxation on inheritance.
  • The taxation on inheritance you pay on your inheritance in Greece depends on how you are related to the deceased person and the value of the property or assets you stand to inherit.

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