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Wills & Estates


If you require lawyers for Wills, probate and estate matters, our law firm has the experience and knowledge to get the results you want in a cost effective manner.

Why you should prepare your Will with our professional team of lawyers for Wills

  • Our team of lawyers for Wills, probate and estate matters have the knowledge and experience to provide all of your personal estate planning solutions as well as the preparation of your Will.
  • By preparing your Will with us, you will not only protect your assets but will also be shown how to distribute your assets in the exact way you desire them to be distributed.
  • The successful preparation of a Will ensures that both your family members and loved ones are provided for. For these reasons it is important to employ trained, professional lawyers for Wills.
  • We guide you through the process and assist you so that you are at ease and informed at all stages of your Will, probate and estate matters.

Here is a short list of services we provide in Wills, Probate and Estate Matters:

  • Preparation of Wills – Estate Planning
  • How to challenge a Will
  • Probate and Administration of Estates
  • Resealing of foreign grants
  • Family Provision and Part IV claims
  • Tracing beneficiaries
  • Searches for Wills and assets in Greece
  • Application for Grant of Probate
  • Application for Grant of Administration on Intestacy
  • Caveats on Wills

Wills and Estate Lawyers

If you need lawyers for Wills, probate and estate matters, Venizelakos, Lawyers and Notaries have the knowledge and experience to provide you with personal, professional and cost effective service.

Contact Us so that our lawyers for Wills can resolve your matter.