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Greek Wills

Our Greek law firm can help you prepare Greek Wills and Australian Wills

If you are unsure about a property interest in Greece, need to account for your assets under a Greek Will or challenge a Greek Will to obtain the Greek inheritance that is rightfully yours, we have Greek lawyers with the experience and knowledge to assist you. If you are unsure of your rights under Greek law and where you stand in regards to:

  • A Greek Will,
  • A Greek inheritance,
  • How to devise your property in Greece; or
  • How to claim property in Greece.

Our Greek lawyers can help you to make your Greek Will and challenge a Greek Will to obtain your Greek inheritance.

How our law firm can help you with Greek Wills

  • Our Nicholas Venizelakos is a qualified lawyer in Greece and Australia and can advise you regarding your Greek Will and Greek inheritance.
  • If you desire to challenge and contest a Greek Will, we can advise you of your rights under the Greek law and how to obtain what is rightfully yours.
  • Greek Wills can require execution by or delivery to a Public Notary. As our Nicholas Venizelakos is also a Public Notary, our Greek law firm can prepare all the required documentation for you.
  • If you have an existing Will and would like to prepare a new Greek Will under Greek law.
  • If you do not execute a Greek Will, and a Will is not found, your assets will be allocated in shares in accordance with Greek law. This may result in a distribution of your assets which goes against your preferences and desires. Our Greek law firm has the legal experience to advise and guide you.

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If you need Greek lawyers to help you with your Greek Will or Greek inheritance, we offer a personal and professional service for all of your Greek and Australian legal needs.

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